Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hari Ini

Hari ini....
Perasaan marah telah reda
Telah ceria di wajahku
Berseri-seri ku rasa duniaku
Setiap malam adalah indah
Mimpiku juga indah
Hatiku mula berdebar
Setiap detik aku berkhayal
Adakah mimpi akan jadi kenyataan
Adakah ia akan memberi kebahagiaan abadi
Aku tak bersendiri lagi
Tiada lagi duka lara
Tiada lagi kekosongan jiwa
Doaku senantiasa bersamaMu
Terima kasih jika ini kehendakMu
Moga pilihanku jua pilihanmu kekal abadi
PetunjukMu masih ku harapkan
Aku hanya berserah padaMu......

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

KoreanAddict_luV It

200 Pounds Beauty

CAST: Ah-jung Kim … Kang Han-na
Jin-mo Ju … Sang-jun

Movie Review : If I had to describe this movie in only a few words, I would say that 200 Pounds Beauty is just a fun movie to watch. The story is simple, a woman who is overweight and unattractive, yet has a warm heart, becomes an almost perfect beauty via extensive plastic surgery. Most of the more
amusing scenes are about how people treat her differently.

I think there are a few different reasons why 200 Pounds Beauty can attract so many people. First thing is that the movie keeps its own identity as a comedy. If you are familiar with Korean comedies, you know it will get serious towards the end, but 200 Pounds Beauty doesn’t get too serious. The film cleverly touches people’s heart and mind, but doesn’t forget to make you laugh.

Secondly, 200 Pounds Beauty shows in funny ways, what could happen to someone if they receive such an extreme makeover

200 Pounds Beauty is the kind of movie that will have you laughing out loud and also bopping your head along to the soundtrack. The movie is just a wonderful film that did make me wonder what would happen if I did such an extreme makeover like Han-Na…….

Perfect Couple

Cast: Hyun Young, Lee Dong-wook

Romance can bloom out of the strangest events. Sometimes even very embarrassing ones. Running after a pickpocket, Detective Kang Jae Hyuk (Lee Dong Wook, My Girl) finds out how pungent journalist Choi Soo Jin's (Hyun Young, The Art of Seduction) personality can be when the fish stick she was eating magically ends up stuck to his rear end. Is it destiny, love at first sight? Not quite.

But the two start to form a formidable alliance: he's good looking, a great fighter, and a good detective. And she's determined to change the world for the better by putting those who make it a filthy place behind bars.

Together, they make The Perfect Couple.

Understanding right from the start that what makes comedy work are gags and the actors who deliver them, showing Lee Dong Wook in a new light and once again taking advantage of TV star Hyun Young's explosive comic talent.

P/S: Just watch this 2 movies... Really fun! It's touching!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


The happiest people don't have the best of everything
They just make the best of everything
So please remember!
Live simply... Love generously...
Care Deeply... Speak Kindly...
Leave the Rest to God.....

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Of all the friends I've ever met,

You're the one I won't forget.

And if I die

Before you do

I'll go to heaven

And wait for you

I'll give the angels

Back their wings

And risk the loss Of everything Just to prove

My friendship is true I'm thankful to have

Family and Friends like you!

A real friend knows that it's not a

friendship until after u've had a fight

Friendship is the union of spirits, a marriage of hearts, and the bond thereof virtue

That friendship will not continue to the end which is begun for an end

Friendship often ends in love but love in friendship.....NEVER

The secret of friendship is being a good listener....